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With its national and international vocation, agds - antoine gassion design studio - is located in Lille (France) and also in the dynamic city of Cochabamba, one of the industrial and cultural hearts of Bolivia. Its director, Antoine Gassion, is a french industrial designer with multidisciplinary experience in design.

The studio is part of a creative network composed of architects, designers and international artists. We conduct various studies for local companies as a consultancy to help them adapt their strategic guidelines. Sometimes it is also an occasion for them to discover that design is the key vector to catalyse their internal and external resources.

Our values are closely tied to the concept of Slow Design and Fair Trade. We also try to make sustainability as the main objective for the majority of our projects. We believe in the positive energy and creative capacities of South American companies and we wish to contribute with these principles in their development.

Our location allows us to have a better insight of Bolivian culture and more widely South American culture, as well as their markets, needs and innovation potential. That's why we also offer our local expertise to multinational companies who share our values and wish to know or to established themselves here in Bolivia.


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