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By partnering with medical device companies to commercialize new technologies and improve human factors for both providers and patients, Ximedica creates solutions that ensure improved care and better economics.

Ximedica, an Item Group company, specializes in the design, development, engineering, manufacturing and supply of innovative capital and disposable medical devices and instruments. Ximedica is ISO Certified 13485:2003 and participates in the entire development process from initial design exploration to supply of finished goods. Its core competencies include mechanical and electronics design as well as firmware and software implementation, and offers fully-integrated services in design control, compliance related documentation tracking, offshore sourcing, U.S. assembly, quality control, and packaging.

Ximedica is made up of a comprehensive team of 120+ seasoned experts in design, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and manufacturing. Based in Providence, Rhode Island, the company’s state-of-the-art QSR and ISO compliant 80,000 square foot facility accommodates assembly and packaging of electro/mechanical capital medical devices as well as assembly and packaging of sterile and non-sterile medical disposables.



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  • Design Management
  • Industrial Design
  • Engineering

Main Office

55 Dupont Dr.
Providence, RI 02907
United States


Dave Robson
phone: 401-330-3163
Website: www.ximedica.com drobson@ximedica.com

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