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Amada Keeper

Client: Amada Engineering EU

By collecting operational data and analysing them to optimise a product, IoT technologies have opened up significant possibilities for manufacturing. AMADA has gradually started to adapt its machinery to the logic of Industry 4.0. To make the information from the machining centres understandable and usable, we designed the AMADA Keeper mobile application's visual language to communicate the individual machines' operational status with immediacy and effectiveness. We chose to associate the information with animations and universal colour codes to convey the message at a glance; infographics and colour codes are also widely present in the detailed information on the individual workgroups, accessible at the second level and organised by order of importance. We looked for industry-first graphics and content choices and integrated them with augmented reality solutions to facilitate association with the individual work centre: through real-time information, push notifications and clearly defined KPIs, we were able to translate AMADA's technological excellence into the highest levels of reliability and measurable, concrete production optimisation.


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