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Portable Detection System

Client: Inspecto

Today, scanning for food contaminants, such as pesticides, can only be done using equipment that is: expensive to buy, expensive to operate, immobile, requires skilled personnel, and does not supply immediate results.

The food industry, from farmers, producers, handlers, regulators and retailers to consumers, is in need of a better solution.

INSPECTO is an innovative startup company aiming to revolutionize the process by producing an accurate, portable, affordable, quick and automatic device for the detection of chemicals on food produce, both liquid and solid.

INSPECTO came to FIT with a raw idea to enable the common person to detect pesticides on food produce after realizing the growth extent of contaminants that exists on fruits and vegetables.
FIT was asked to conduct a market and user research, create a product strategy and ultimately, design and create a POC device to replace the current procedure which requires a laboratory and a substantial amount of resources.

We started by conducting a thorough research, examining user behavior, operational environments, types of users, etc. After analyzing our findings we've created a detailed and comprehensive product characterization that will be the foundation for the product design and strategy.

With our partners at INSPECTO we defined and refined the essence of the product and from here, set two parallel paths – INSPECTO with the business strategy and FIT with the realization of the product.

The definition of an accurate user scenario, was the base for developing a clear shape that anyone could operate and understand without any difficulty.


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