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Catalyst, founded in 1998, improves websites and other interfaces through insight into and testing of key audience behavior. We specialize in “user-centered” research and design that extends from core interface architecture into visual design, and marketing/branding strategy. This whole-business approach is why we have a devoted and widely-varied client base. Catalyst is based in New York City with additional visual design and technology resources in Sydney, Australia. In addition to website design, Catalyst principals have had significant training and experience in the design and testing of human / computer interaction in general, including hardware (mice, keyboards, etc.), Windows-based software, and character-based systems. Also, our experience in design and testing methodologies is enriched by a strong background in interactive strategy, product development, and marketing. This combination of skills and experience is what defines Catalyst’s core value to our clients, as well as our differentiation from other firms.


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  • Interaction Design
  • Research
  • Strategic Consulting

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345 7th Avenue
11th floor
New York, NY 10001
United States


Nick Gould
phone: 212-243-7777 x13
fax: 212-243-7077

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