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Masterack SmartSpace

Client: Leggett and Platt

Masterack: Transforming the Cargo Van Space

-Slingshot was approached by Masterack to innovate the cargo van space.


-Slingshot found that users need a lightweight, easy to install, versatile, and modular system to adapt to different cars, tools, and user habits.

User-Friendly & Intuitive:

-The Masterack Smartspace design has helped Masterack reestablish themselves as an innovation lead company and leaders in their industry.

Masterack SmartSpace is a storage and organization solution intended for commercial van and pick-up truck equipment users. Made from structural foam and aluminum, these lightweight materials reduce weight and noise while this system still holds as much weight as comparable steel systems.

Team Members

David Hernandez, Bradley Workman, Nigel Flynn, Jose Gamboa


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