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Normal - Case

Client: Normal

Ear Candy.

Earphones as exceptional as Normal's require an equally unique carrying case. Not content with the idea of a low value, disposable carrying case, Impel created a personalized accessory to beautifully display and protect these one of a kind earphones. A rigid outer periphery and inner cable spool structure are connected with a comolded, flexible Liquid Silicone Rubber diaphragm. Once the lid is opened, the central spool structure can be pushed upward, inverting the diaphragm to an elevated position for quick and easy cable winding. It easily pops back down, now slim enough to slide in to a pocket.

The case reflects Normal's mantra that "one size fits none", and can be further customized by the customer during the checkout process.

In the center of the spool is a press-fit acrylic insert with unique laser-cut recesses that fit each of your earphones perfectly. The color of the rubber can be selected from a palette of options, and the lid is laser etched with your name or other custom message specified in the app.

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