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Datascope combines design thinking with data science to help clients across industries use data as a resource to achieve breakthroughs. We help companies develop strategies for using data as a resource and design analytical tools to solve business problems with data.

By way of example, here are a few of our projects that we can share:
* Design Strategy workshops with Thomson Reuters
* Data visualization design for Northwestern University
* Service design work with Procter and Gamble
* Visualizing bike sharing in Chicago
* Winner in Apps for Metro Chicago contest
* Large Scale social media analytics for Motorola Mobility
* Collaboration with IDEO for the City of Chicago

We’re a small, friendly firm with an open culture, and we work in collaboration with our clients to find meaningful opportunities for them and their customers. Our team of hybrid designer / data scientists has been evolving since 2009 and its success is the result of constant experimentation and improvement.

Businesses large and small inevitably waste resources solving data-related problems only to realize that the result doesn’t actually help the business. To avoid this, we practice human-centered design: planning, building, testing, and iterating as quickly as possible. We recognize that goals crystallize during the problem solving process, and we transition from quick, low-fidelity sketches and experiments to robust, higher-fidelity prototypes only as we learn more. We plan by doing, using tiny pieces of work to hone in on the most useful problems to solve. In our experience, it's the only way to consistently produce truly transformative data science results.


  • Procter & Gamble
  • Motorola Mobility
  • Thomson Reuters
  • Northwestern University
  • City of Chicago
  • Kaplan



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  • Strategic Consulting
  • Interaction Design
  • Marketing & Communication

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A first project with us is often an "ideation workshop." You've heard big data is valuable, but you don't know what is possible. We help you design ways to use data as a resource.

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180 W. Adams St
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Chicago, Illinois 60603
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Mike Stringer
phone: 7733197223
Website: Datascope

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