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Qüero Shoes

Client: Qüero Shoes

From the first consultation, we were enchanted by the story of Uge, Alvaro, Monica, and Randy (a/k/a Team Qüero) and the story of their journey to make affordable, high quality, custom made shoes.

The look and feel of Qüero was strongly driven by the company’s commitment to an “old way of making shoes.” We knew that the Qüero Handmade Shoes website was the company’s primary marketing and sales portal. The visual style had to convince visitors that the shoes were made by real artisans, using traditional and proven techniques.

Qüero uses a custom theme built by Studio Simpatico (formerly Tamara Olson Designs), and is built on WooCommerce. Though the site uses native Woo infrastructure, a custom plugin integrates the site with “shoe customizer” software, built especially for Qüero by the Madrid based company Inescop.

Team Members

Sinan Imre, Tamara Olson, Robin Metcalfe, Katie Scialabba, Amber Weinberg


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