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Creative Engineering is a product development firm. We provide business solutions through engineering.
Creative helps companies bring new products to market - providing full design, engineering, prototyping, and support with manufacturing.
A lot of time companies come to us when their engineering department is overwhelmed or seems stuck.
Other times they need help coming up with novel engineering solutions and navigating existing patents to release a competitive product.

Since 1995 we have provided superior product development and rigorous engineering services to manufacturers of consumer products and industrial items, medical devices and retail displays. Our broad scope of creative problem solving and rapid engineering expertise includes the following:
* Electro-mechanical devices
* Medical devices
* POP displays
* Electronics packaging
* Industrial-designed surfaces

We are a small, highly focused, product development company with a wide range of experience and skills. Creative Engineering is located approximately 30 minutes north of New York City. Our office is a few hundred feet from the Metro North train station, providing easy access from NYC for visitors and employees.


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