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Black Box VR: Virtual Reality Gym

Client: Black Box VR

Black Box VR came to SGW Designworks with a bold vision: to change the way people work out by offering a VR based weight training system. The Black Box team had vast experience in the fitness market from previous successful ventures, but they were new to hardware product development and product engineering. With so many possible ways to build the very first VR gym system, the first task was to explore possible technologies to deliver a specific set of user experiences. We build technology scouting and feasibility analysis into a Phase 0 effort to figure out what would be possible to achieve with existing tech.

Twelve months later, a prototype ready to show the public came out of SGW Designworks, with show-ready software and back end coming from Black Box VR.

Black Box VR made their public debut at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, NV. The display and booth were built to world-class standards, with the capable Black Box VR team guiding users through individual demos of the system. The result? A CES Innovation Award, and recognition from as the Best Startup at CES 2018. Read more in our case study about this project.


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