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Larq Pitcher

Client: Larq

The Larq pitcher goes beyond filtration with a unique 2-step filtration and purification process for pure-tasting water sip after sip. We rethought the traditional water pitcher to make something that’s easy to use and worthy of putting on display.

UV-C technology destroys bio-contaminants at a molecular level to ensure continuously pure water. By removing chlorine, traditional pitchers become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, mold, and other pollutants in just 2 weeks—making the filter itself a source of contamination. What traditional water pitchers are missing is a vital second step–PureVis™ UV-C purification, which eradicates bio-contaminants. Keeping your water as pure as nature intended.

Impel studio worked with the team at Larq to ensure a seamless experience for the user through prototyping and refinement. We worked with them closely to maintain a high level of quality through manufacturing development.

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