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The Monday Keyboard

Client: Monday Keyboards

Monday Keyboards aims to bring a customizable and ergonomic typing experience to the passionate desktop user. The split-ortholinear design provides a strain-free typing position while allowing natural finger movement. Additional thumb keys add rich functionality through fully customizable key layering.

The Story
Humam and Henry both had spent a lot of time on their computers and loved customizing what they used. They both had their preference in keyboards and believed that when using something all day, it should be as personalized and efficient as possible. They decided to create the Monday Keyboard, a project that would give them and all their friends access to an ergonomic, fully customizable keyboard.

There are many ergonomic keyboards out there, the challenge was to find the balance – something that wasn’t extremely different and therefore difficult to use, yet providing most of the benefits of an ergonomic keyboard.

The Monday Keyboard is a split keyboard design that addressed the desk hunch, and an orthonormal key layout that fit the natural motion of the fingers. A key mapping software allows keys and rotary encoders to be personalized and provide 10+ key layers, providing the same functionality with a smaller keyboard and less hand movement.

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