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Look around you. The computer you’re staring at, the chair you’re sitting on, the clock ticking on the wall. All of these products are working with you to perform the tasks of computing, sitting and telling time respectively. Now think about how your day started. You woke up on a mattress which was cradled by a bed frame. You pressed a switch which turned on a light and checked your cell phone for messages. Next you walked to the washroom where you looked in the mirror, brushed your teeth, put in your contact lenses, turned on the faucet which poured water into the sink, and you used the toilet. All of these actions were facilitated by the products in that environment, and all of these products influenced your life within the first 5 minutes of your day. Thinking this way, the number of products we interact with on a daily basis is astounding. Some are clearly more thought through than others. Some products truly solve a problem and life as we know it would be very different without them. As industrial designers, the team at Current dream and develop those products.

There are literally hundreds of critical issues to consider when bringing a product idea to life; user needs, market analysis, material selection, form, environmental impact, and product life cycle analysis are just a handful. In order to best assess these issues we recognize that it is not uncommon to work with a wide range of other disciplines throughout the course of a project. When faced with an apparent roadblock we embrace the specialization of those other disciplines. You see, product development is where our talents flourish; our product design experience combined with our willingness to make mistakes in the pursuit of the most appropriate solution allow the design team at Current to compliment the ideas of the client.


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