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Gestalt Solutions implements the theoretical and experimental knowledge from psychology and marketing in the people’s everyday life.
We use the knowledge from these two sciences to detect the source of the problem that causes stagnation in the normal functioning of individuals and groups and finding the most adequate mode to cope with it.

We initiate a new, holistic approach guided by the standing that not even one event, appearance, object exists individually and independently. People and events exist only as a part of a field and their significance appears trough the relations in that field. We make effort to understand the way in which the field operates and how the forces from the field incorporate themselves with the whole structure of the field.

We are different from the others. We are guided by the principle that the best way to satisfy the client is to make effort and time to understand their way of working and the goals they want to achieve. We listen carefully and dedicated in order to determine your needs and to develop and implement a strategy most suitable for the goals that you want to achieve.

Our advantage is the knowledge, willingness to experiment and confront with challenges because…

Every problem has a solutions


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