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We work with clients to help them get to where they want to go. We apply a simple, common sense, creative approach to solving problems resulting in great product and retail design solutions. Our focus is working with teams who may not have design capabilities in house, or their design capacity is maxed out, or simply need a creative refresh: a new set of eyes looking at something. We're your "go to" team when you don't know where else to turn. We thrive on challenges and excel at making ideas reality.

We are driven by solutions that honor people, planet and profit. This means we weigh all three facets into every design decision and recommendation we make. This assures that the goods and services we provide are nurturing to everyone that comes into contact with them, while remaining fair, honest and business savvy.

Our professional, practical, fun and down to earth philosophy, allow us to cut to the chase so to speak and add value to organizations, clients and opportunities.


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Chris Weigand Design


  • Industrial Design
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We have experience working on projects with various budget constraints.

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S. High Street
Akron, OH 44396
United States


Chris Weigand
phone: 3308588926
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