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A product visionary with over 20 years of product design innovation.
With a focus on functional innovation and patentable products

Specializing in Intellectual Property creation to gain market share and value for my clients.

Proven ability to create new markets, reduce production costs and increase revenues.

As clients enter into new markets or have mature ones there is a need for innovation.

My industry experience has led me to understand business needs and provide a clear path to innovation.

Thorough understanding of all manufacturing processes and costs. Experience in China factory coordination.

For either a start up or large company each development solution is tailored for each clients requirements.

To gain that extra edge of innovation in the market place please give me call @ 831-331-9828

I am here to tell your innovation story.


  • Brace Audio XtraCycle P&G Bell Sports MedDev Corp



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  • Industrial Design
  • Research
  • Branding

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202 Neptune Ave
Encinitas, CA 92024
United States


Allen Young
phone: 831-331-9828
Website: youngID

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