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Faceplant is a small product design firm based in the Wasatch mountains of Utah. We design many types of products from computers, electronics to high performance sporting equipment. We designed very successful and innovative products for companies like Burton Snowboards, Merrell, Nike, Black Diamond Eq., Esprit, K2, Fila, Jansport, Scarpa, Patagonia, etc.

Comments: With our culture changing at the pace it has been in recent years many of the products we use have been losing any sense of character and authenticity. Many of the large corporations have been producing homogenized sameness, faux technology and gimickery. Faceplant is based in the mountains of Utah because we are expert users of the products we design. You can't design something authentic if you're not an integral part of the culture you are designing for.

We also try to stay as informed as possible by traveling, playing, surfing (both kinds), listening to new music, films, and making as many new friends as possible.

If you want a stylie plastic box we can do that for you but so can thousands of other firms. At faceplant style AND function have to become the same thing. If a product is ugly I won't be compelled to use it even if it works well and visaversa.

gotta go!
Hope to meet you.
Steve McDonald



  • Nike Innovation Kitchen
  • Burton Snowboards
  • Fila
  • Merrell
  • Patagonia
  • Black Diamond Ltd.
  • Esprit
  • Jansport
  • Tua Ski.



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