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Nima Gluten Sensor

Client: Nima

Nima - a discreet and portable device that allows consumers to test their meals for gluten in about two minutes.

Nima’s technology is the culmination of a whole new approach to sample testing, focused on reducing the amount of time it takes to sample food. The chemistry employed incorporates new innovations on size and sensitivity, allowing the Nima to be smaller and faster than anything on the market today.

The value Nima brings to consumers extends beyond individual dining instances: it also connects with an app for an end-to-end mobile experience. Users will be empowered to record test results and restaurant reviews through their smartphone for future reference and utilize this community feedback when researching options for dining out. This test data will build a growing, verifiable database of trusted restaurants and foods, which will benefit the entire community and encourage restaurants to meet their needs.


Time Tech 1 of 25 Best Invention 2015


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