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Client: ELCHIM S.p.A.

Ultra-light professional hairdryer with Sonic Micro Brushless technology, designed by CASINISTUDIO for Elchim. Anemos has an ideal length of the horizontal cylindrical body to satisfy the needs of the hairdresser. The ergonomic oval section handle has slightly curved front profiles to improve grip, an important detail for professionals in addition to the visual connotation; the surfaces of the handle develop in curvature continuity with the lower fairlead, giving fluidity to the design and softness to the grip in the entirety of its body. Anemos is balanced in weight for maximum comfort in use. The buttons are here positioned on the horizontal body of the hairdryer together with the LEDs and graphic icons, allowing easy use without causing discomfort to the hand in the grip. On the back of the hairdryer stands out the graphic pattern of the filter protection grid, an easily removable module to allow quick cleaning and replacement of the special filter. The end plate on the back is visually separated from the filter body and allows for additional airflow passage; flow which has been optimized to minimize noise. The air concentrator is designed to perfectly shape the outgoing air flow, optimizing the result of hair drying and hairstyle modeling. On the handle front, the button for the instant cold air jet is modeled flush with the handle surface without interfering with the grip and to avoid involuntary activation. A minimal design based on primary forms but cared for with specific characterizing details also designed to optimize the functional aspects essential in the professional sector.


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