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A Moka Coffee Maker Balances the Taste and Intuitive Experience

Client: 7


China has seen rapid growth of the domestic coffee market that register an annual growth rate seven times that of the global average. The average number of coffee shops in first tier cities reached 5,000; such rapid growth outshines that of EU, US, Japan, Korea, and other developed markets. Boutique products thus may have an opportunity for market share gains at the expense of instant coffee or standardized coffee franchise, particularly in first and second tier cities.

Now consumers’ desire of having good coffee is not only limited in the physical stores, but also at home, in office, and in other locations. Therefore, “7” needs to launch a coffee machine that can fit into different user scenarios and offer them an intuitive user experiences when making the coffee.


Starting from the user insights, 7’s team reviewed the existing coffee machines available in the market: American, hand brewing, mocha, semi-automatic, capsule, and mobile Italian. Finally, the project team identified the milk coffee machine as the key opportunity to make the breakthrough that 7 is looking for.

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As one of 7’s first product line to be launched, the coffee makers fill in the gap in the market by offering an affordable, easy-to-use device to make great tasting milk coffee. Enjoying the new brewing experience, it only takes three minutes to make the milk coffee with one push of a button.

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