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Dwyer2 Design is a collabortive effort between Darrell and Barbara Dwyer. Together they combine there talents to offer a full line illustration and design services.

Darrell Dwyer is a graphic designer with more than 9 years of experience. During and since his graduation from Kendall College of Art and Design, in 1996, he has had a wide variety of design oppertunities.

Darrell has primarily work in print design and in 2000, started creating for the web. His Proficiencies of computer techniques does not over shadow his artistic ideals.

Barbara Dwyer is also a 1996 graduate of Kendall Colleg of Art & Design. She has a sound artistic background and has shared this passion through graphic design, illustration and product design.

Barbara creates using a variety of mediums. Her primary tools used include the computer, watercolors, colored pencils and pen & ink. Her technical experience is accompinied by her talent to create in many artistic styles.


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