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Immunotherapy Bioprocessing Device

Client: Draper Labs

Sprout and Draper designed an end-to-end, closed system that reprograms a patient’s CAR-T cells to kill cancer and other mutated cell diseases. To make cell-based immunotherapy broadly available to patients, bioprocessing must produce high-quality therapy quickly and affordably, so the device combines three bioprocesses in one, takes one-tenth the time and is predicted to cost one-fifth of the price of similar treatments.

Sprout worked with Draper to develop the internal and external design of the device. Special attention was paid to the usability, clean-ability, and aesthetics of the device. We devised a patient specific cartridge system to highlight each of the microfluidic bioprocesses being used, as well as a rear manifold that can be customized to the specific disease they are treating. In keeping with a clean and minimal aesthetic, we added sublet details to indicate where the lab tech should to press to pop open the cartridge, blood bags area and handle when needed. We also designed the mode lighting and screen interface to be easy to use and understand. The interface also alerts your cell phone with a push notification as well as real-time camera view if it detects any issues with the bioprocessing. The project is also part of larger long-term strategic design initiative to create a visual brand language across Draper’s different divisions and product categories.



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