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MAGRI is a design consultancy specializing in projects linked to the vehicle industry and its different products.
Our service is based on an interdisciplinary team focused on presenting solutions to the problem of differentiation using design, product engineering and management as central capacities.
Our work is focused on the generation of alternatives to realize and emphasize the proposal, integrating in their business processes to strengthen your strategy in terms of competitiveness .
We know that the vehicle industry has a particular feeling, which generates an imaginary world with its own language. We decided to specialize, to become active participants in the cultural, social and business within the sector.
We have the passion that drives us. And we exist to integrate our creative abilities to the world of cars, to contribute to the evolution of this industry through products that are related and live in it.


  • Citroën Créative Technologie Award first Edition Citroën 2009
  • Seoul Cycle Competition Designboom 2010
  • Renault 4 ever designboom & Renault 2011
  • Citroën Créative Technologie Award Second Edition Citroën 2011
  • Citroën Créative Technologie Award Third Edition Citroën 2012



Magri Design Consulting


  • Industrial Design
  • Design Management
  • Branding

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Belgrano 480
Córdoba, Córdoba 5000


Fabian Magri
phone: +54 9 351 6284171
Website: web

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