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Planetary Power HyGen

Planetary Power HyGen is a hybrid generator that combines high-efficiency technology with integrated lithium-ion batteries, providing a vital communication link to outlying populations. It is a cost-effective, sustainable, and reliable alternative to conventional generators for use at off-grid telecom towers. HyGen’s engine runs at variable speeds and only operates to charge its batteries, making the batteries the primary power source. Fuel consumption is reduced by 60%, extending the refueling interval to 45 days. The design incorporates extended capacity oil and fuel systems, enabling HyGen to operate without maintenance for up to four months.

More than 1.8 billion people live beyond the boundaries of a power grid and depend on off-grid power generation. Planetary Power sought to provide a cost-effective, sustainable, reliable solution to provide power for a communications link for the off-grid population. Planetary Power reached out to Tactile to help address the following challenges: size of footprint; shipping and transportation access (refueling, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair); security; protection and venting; installation and lift points; and aesthetics.

Designed specifically for use at off-grid telecom towers, HyGen combines a modern aesthetic with long-lasting and innovative features. Susceptible to theft and heat, HyGen needed to withstand uncertain outdoor variables. HyGen’s compact design integrates the fuel tank, batteries, and engine into one cohesive unit. The engine enclosure is easily removed with internal fasteners for complete access for refueling, maintenance and repairs.

A secured unit by design, it uses a theft resistant enclosure with tamper-proof locks and no exposed fasteners. Integrated heat shields protect from hostile temperatures allowing HyGen to operate within ideal temperatures between 0° and 50° Celsius. The steel case enclosure is resistant to corrosion, sound attenuated, and anti-rodent protected.


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