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Founded by former Art Director Aurélie Peters in 2009, AdGrafics is a Brussels based holistic Design studio specialized in the creation and implementation of effective Communication in all Kind of Media for local and global markets.

AdGrafics represents a collaboration of a group of independent experts in the field of Business communication, Design, Internet and multimedia.

The purpose of this association was to share the skills and characteristics of the various actors and to communicate with a common identity.

The key vision of AdGrafics is to create an ongoing Design research and development process. AdGrafics strive to educate her clients. Our goal is to be at the forefront, producing Designs wich are relevant and responsible.

It is by maintaining innovation, and being true to your vision, that AdGrafics will realize your Design concepts. We take care about the real life experiences of people AdGrafics design for.

Today AdGrafics experience allows to answer effectively your needs in the process and art of combining text, graphics and communicating an effective message in Advertising, Print, Web, Retail, Social Media and Corporate & Branding Design.

With a background in Advertising and Italian WorldWide agency, with the knowledge of Art Design tools and solid positive temperament, AdGrafics offers the following
skills and services :

Corporate Design
Branding Design
Retail Design
Web Design
Package Design
Graphic Design
Exhibition Design
Conceptual Design
Social Media



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AdGrafics - Design Studio


  • Graphic Design
  • Branding
  • Marketing & Communication

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Visualization is a key roll in AdGrafics design process. We allow our studio to develop designs that the client understands and can be confident will fall within their budget and timeline parameters.

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