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EZ 4G Cellular Signal Booster

EZ 4G Cellular Signal Booster for Home was designed to create a more attractive consumer product that boosts cell phone signal within a home. Industrial design revamped an existing SureCall windowsill antenna so that consumers can be proud to display this cell booster in their homes.

To achieve the EZ 4G Cellular Signal Booster for Home's elegant package, the designer explored numerous design options with team brainstorming and concept generation, and analyzed the competitive landscape with market research. With a multitude of concepts created, the winning concept was chosen to guide the final product design.

SureCall’s EZ 4G Cellular Signal Booster for Home is a revolutionary plug and play cell phone signal booster that does not require an outdoor antenna. The attractively designed EZ 4G Cellular Signal Booster for Home incorporates SureCall’s award-winning, patented all-carrier technology to deliver enhanced indoor cell phone signal coverage for clearer and more reliable voice and data performance.


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