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Vision: After 40 years in design, the vision becomes more strategic, long term, next big thing in a sketch or idea. The goal is to provide clients with that vision to benefit from having seen the world of technology evolve. Where is your company going? There is an oracle of the future out there for you to discover.

Simple advisory role in driving the future of man machine and product.


First 32 bit desktop touch screen portable computing product design, 1978, John Fluke Manufacturing,

Scientific research and development spectrometers, x-ray, ICP, spark and arc, 1982. Bausch & Lomb ARL.

First modern auto alarm design, 1984 VSE Inc.

Early security systems for airport and port inspection systems, 1985 Sciex/British Aerospace.

Early M10 environment robotic wafer fab ovens, 1986, Tylan Corp.

Patented Tristar Headset, 1992. Plantronics.

Future development, personal communications hand held and head worn devices, 1993. Plantronics.

Early hand held bio injection pneumatic device design 1995, Bioject.

World standard motion and security lighting design, 1998. Heath Zenith, Lowes, Home Depot.

Patented head worn splash protection design, 2000, Opdop.

Pioneer technique development using Solid Modeling tools for industral design, mechanical design, animation, and rendering integration. 2000, SolidWorks World Conference, 2000

First touch screen smartphone concept, 2002, Headstuf Product Development.

Heavy lift and large equipment mechanical design, theme park rides, manufacturing machines, extreme lift vehicle, 2012 Disney Imagineering, Willick Engineering, Martinez & Turek.

Early development of LED super bright cinema lighting products. Mole Richardson Company.



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