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Portal Beam

Client: Kontakt.io

Kontakt.io’s mission is to simplify the global delivery of location data insights. The company helps customers in operational environments increase efficiency in the fields of asset and process tracking and the creation of location and contextual aware applications. Kontakt.io asked Mighty Studios to assist in the development of a new specialized commercial people-tracking sensor, which, at its hub, uses a thermal imaging core.


Mighty Studios went to work designing the new Portal Beam from the inside out, by collaborating closely with Kontakt’s electrical engineering team. Once component locations were optimized, we were able to lock down the architecture, and style the exterior. Here, we leveraged Kontakt’s legacy aesthetic while, at the same time, pushing it forward. Our engineers developed a novel method for mounting it to both dropped ceilings as well as drywall. The total duration of the project from concept design to production release was three months.


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