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BuiltSpace and GoodNeighbours

Client: BuiltSpace Technologies Corporation and GoodNeighbours Social Media Corporation

BuiltSpace and GoodNeighbours are sister brands that work in different ways to solve the same problem. BuiltSpace is a web-based information management system for buildings, and GoodNeighbours is a social network for the communities in and around buildings. Both brands seek to improve occupant comfort and sustainability while strengthening building communities.

BuiltSpace evokes spatial imageries and speaks to the relationship between people and their spaces. In building their brand, KIMBO Design paired a contemporary wordmark with a readily identifiable symbol. This simple yet unique logo communicates a clear message of innovation and progress.

GoodNeighbours shares BuiltSpace's clean and identifiable look. The GoodNeighbours brand has a community focus, and it is trustworthy, urbane, friendly and authoritative. KIMBO Design applied a sharp, contemporary wordmark with striking iconography and bright colour palettes to reflect this brand's positioning. The simple logo is easily adaptable in order to accommodate a market in which progress in technology will dictate where/how the brand can be expanded.

KIMBO Design applied the BuiltSpace and GoodNeighbours brand to a range of mediums, including websites, sell sheets, signage, social media, stationery and a power point presentation.

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