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Cordcase is the world’s first ever protective silicone cell phone case with an integrated full length charging cord! This innovative design seamlessly combines the essential functions of a phone case and a charging cable into a single, compact solution.

Eliminate the hassle of forgetting or losing your charging cord with our retractable solution.

Extend it to the perfect length for charging convenience and retract it afterward. Plus, rest assured knowing that the retractable cord is data-free, making public charging safe from potential data hacks or viruses.

With its embedded adapter, this versatile cord works seamlessly with both Type A and Type C charging ports. Additionally, the Apple Lightning Port at the bottom of the case supports charging and data sync for your existing cables, adding to its compatibility and convenience.

The product packaging is designed with a focus on simplicity and cost-effectiveness while ensuring functionality and durability. Using hard cardboard material provides the necessary rigidity to securely hold and protect the product during storage and transportation. The integration of a see-through window allows customers to view the product without having to open the packaging, enhancing the overall appeal and transparency of the packaging. Additionally, the drawer design adds a convenient and stylish element, making it easy for customers to access the product while also adding to the visual aesthetic of the packaging. Overall, these design elements work together to create a packaging solution that is both practical and visually appealing, enhancing the overall customer experience.

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