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Meural: Modern Digital Frame | Art & Photos

Client: Meural

Meural is a next generation connected device and discovery platform that fundamentally changes how people personalize their most intimate surroundings. Unlike existing wall décor offerings, the Meural ‘digital canvas’ makes your wall both personal and responsive, providing a means for custom space design on a day-to-day basis.

Meural’s gestureactivated display and mobile application offer unprecedented access to all forms of art and visual culture—from classic to contemporary art, plus stunning photography and design— with which to curate your walls. Meural’s chic and modern design—a meticulously engineered matte LCD display encased by a beautifully handcrafted maple wooden frame— is the perfect blend of top-notch industrial design and cutting-edge technology.

The result is an entirely new type of home furnishing product that is as beautiful as it is purposeful.

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