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Farmstand Nook

Client: Lettuce Grow

The Farmstand Nook is a vertical hydroponic growing system on which you can grow vegetables, fruits, greens, herbs, and flowers. Self-watering. Self-fertilizing. Modular. Easy to use. The Nook brings fresh harvests back home. Raise up to 20 plants at once. With less water, less carbon, less waste, and less stress. The result is delicious produce that's simply more nutritious.

LettuceGrow is a company dedicated to fundamentally changing the way households get their fruits and vegetables; reduce our carbon footprint, reduce global water consumption, and provide healthier, more nutritious and tastier food for our families.

The Nook provides a sustainable, convenient, affordable growing system. Designed to grow fresher food indoors, meeting the needs of a larger demographic for markets around the world.


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