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Client: nICE Coolers

SSMG engaged Velociti Brands in leading a concept product exploration based on feedback from retail consumers to open the SSMG product offering of stainless tumblers and growlers to an ever growing consumer seeking a sustainable solution to large hydration. The beverage consumer is interested in a container that can go from coffee to, mixed drinks to soda, beer and water, at a preferred temperature range. The product would take advantage of SSMG's dual walled, vacuum insulated technology in easy to clean, gallon or half gallon sizes.

Velociti Brands' Daniel Bizzell collaborated with Jim Ferguson and the Ratio Product Lab team to develop mechanical approaches to meet the consumers expectation for a pump dispensing system much like what many have experienced with a keg, pump and connected hose dispenser. Ratio developed a number of CAD models to exhibit a variety of approaches. Ratio narrowed the solution to develop with the development team and produced a proof of concept to ensure feasibility. Ratio would develop a formal CAD model based on feedback from our local team. Once a final model was understood and refined, we transferred our work to the SSMG China team as well as our patent lead to ensure all of the technology developed would be covered in patent descriptions.
As the China manufacturing resources pursued the vessel architecture we had defined, we also maintained continuous communication to refine the pump system. Our goal was to make the product more easy to manufacture. Prototypes were developed and tested to refine details of the handle, pressure release valve, spring and other mechanism details. Once model components met expectations, the marketing team at SSMG was ready to share the product with their clients. The response has been more than positive as it seems like a product whose time has come as the consumer looks for more sustainable product solutions.

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Jim Ferguson, Daniel Bizzell


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