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As a kid, I was fond of drawing, especially cars. I guess looking back, it wasn't anything special since many kids my age have done so. What was more peculiar, however, was the fact that I kept doing so until my late teens. It was even the motivator for me wanting to go to design school. Unfortunately, I was not able to find a way to make that happen. It was a mix of lacking the necessary financial means, knowing nobody to guide me, and my lack of independence, which kept me from pursuing a design career.

After resigning to my circumstances and falling into a state of indecisiveness, my father gently pushed me into starting an apprenticeship as a draftsman. My parents meant well, rationalizing that a draftsman, after all, is drawing as well.

So my journey began, and after finishing my apprenticeship, I decided to find a job and study mechanical engineering. It was at that time that I first came in contact with a 3D CAD. I was lucky enough to work with ProE, which now is called Creo. I fell in love, and that love never left me. What excited me, up to this day, is that I had a tool in my hand, which could represent reality in a digital form. Whatever I could think of, and was capable of building in 3D, I would be able to manufacture one day.

Fast forward to 2020. By now, I have moved to Hong Kong, living here for the past 17 years. I switched careers from Mechanical Engineer to Design Engineer/Industrial designer, and I am doing more or less what I have always wanted to. Granted, I am no automotive designer. But I have not lost my passion for drawing cars. Yet, I do it a bit differently now.

What you see here is a concept of a very famous car, a Lancia Delta Integrale HF. At its peak time, it was the best rally car in the world, beating everyone and winning everything. Lancia used to make beautiful, iconic cars. Those times are long gone, and this is why I chose this model to redesign.

I sketched the car from scratch, trying to maintain some of its orig


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