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Affinity 2in1 - Double Electric Breast Pump

Client: Lansinoh Laboratories Inc

It is generally accepted that breastfeeding the healthiest option for newborn babies. It is not always easy however for mothers to follow this natural course - pressures to return to work and a 24/7 feeding regime make it extremely difficult to maintain.

The Affinity 2in1 pump provides the option to express breast milk quickly and efficiently. The lightweight and portable pump can be used as a single or double pump, and it is mains or battery powered.

The pump is designed to simulate a baby's natural sucking pattern and user can switch between an initial stimulation (let-down) mode and an expression mode. The pump has 8 suction and 6 cycle settings which provide an unparalleled level of control for maximum comfort and efficiency.

The pump is intuitive to use and the simple interface is icon based; allowing it to be used in any language without translation. The backlit control panel is easy to use under low light conditions and at night.

The slim pump enclosure design features integral bottle holders which provide a secure location for the bottles when in use.

The bottle sets are effortless to assemble, the sealing diaphragm (which prevents milk being sucked into the pump) may be inserted either way up and all parts are easy to clean and sterilize.

The bottle set parts routinely boiled, microwave steam sterilized and/or cycled in a dishwasher by users. The materials used were intensively tested for milk & skin contact and all parts are BPA free.

The purple colour is a key element of the Lansinoh brand which is used throughout their entire product range.

The Affinity pump is FDA and UL approved for use as a medical device worldwide and is one of the most advanced and affordable pumps available.

The Lansinoh Affinity double electric breast pump was a highly commended Finalist in the UK Plastics Industry Awards 2011.


UK Plastics Industry Consumer Product Design Award Finalist 2011


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