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Roman Health Packaging

Client: Roman Health

Preserving customer privacy while maintaining solid structure, premium materials, and good design.

When online pharmacy Roman Health needed packaging to maintain customer privacy, they came to Zenpack for a comprehensive packaging strategy.

Roman had a specific packaging need: Sleek packages that would securely and safely transport medications while preserving the recipient’s privacy.

Roman is a digital healthcare clinic for men that offers virtual doctor visits and mail-order prescription deliveries for millions of patients. The Zenpack team had to solve for a number of challenges associated with direct-to-consumer startups and telemedicine. First, Roman was bringing a completely new brand to market, and a big part of their brand is building trust by preserving customer privacy. While privacy was a high priority, the packaging structure and materials had to support the Roman brand identity. Zenpack’s packaging had to balance a bold brand against minimal, subtle markings that wouldn’t draw attention or announce the contents.

As with many projects, the initial packaging plan ended up having costs that were too high to scale. Zenpack had to find a way to create high quality packaging at a lower cost. And as a fledgling startup with a lean team, they didn’t have experience with the complicated logistics of inventory and tracking. Like many new ventures, there was uncertainty about volume. Zenpack had to create a plan for providing the right number of packages without a clear sales forecast.

Zenpack created a strong, sleek box with a full-color wrap based on the artistic vision of a partner design agency. It fit perfectly with Roman’s contemporary aesthetic. Zenpack’s design team took it a step further and created a PET internal cover on the packaging. It helps keep the product in place, and adds to the unboxing experience, while also allowing for another opportunity to add a logo and brand copy. After experimentation and a few rounds of testing, Zenpack’


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