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VitalFlo Physician's Portal

Client: VitalFlo

VitalFlo is a digital health company focused on reducing risk of asthma attacks in the US’s most vulnerable populations. For their initial product, VitalFlo partnered with Trig to design a clear, compelling clinical portal experience driven by stakeholder feedback.

VitalFlo understands it’s difficult for patients to detect small changes in their condition. This insight drives their mission to track asthma attack risk factors, equipping physicians with data to intervene before patients end up in the emergency room. VitalFlo’s home monitoring system combines local air quality data along with the patient’s lung function, symptoms, and medication use to provide a holistic picture of respiratory health.

The challenge is that this also generates a considerable influx of new data for physicians to consider. A team member explained, “We have decades of research that says the environmental data is important, it just isn't being delivered to the clinical practice in any meaningful way”. To achieve their promise of effective, personalized care plans, VitalFlo needed to develop an analytics tool that wasn’t a burden for care teams.

VitalFlo approached Trig to create a physician portal design guide informed by stakeholder feedback. Our research needed to confirm that physicians believed the right info was easily accessible, intuitive, and trustworthy. The end deliverable would serve as a clear visual and interactive guide for the back-end app development process.

Our first touch point set up VitalFlo’s pivot from consumer hardware to clinical software. Trig presented a competitive analysis of spirometers and companion apps, highlighting the availability of FDA-approved devices on the market. When VitalFlo subsequently changed course, our digital UX/UI design capabilities meant we could pivot with their team toward a more commercially viable path.

We started by discussing new UX goals as a team, pinpointing features of our portal prototype that needed to understo

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Kelly Harrigan, Stephen Lindamood


Adobe XD Design Research prototype Research UX & IU visual design

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