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John Deere - Gator RSX 850i

Client: John Deere

Since 1990 we have helped realize and bring to market over 30 designs for John Deere. From tools and lawn mowers to utility vehicles and tractors.

When long-standing client, John Deere, asked us to help spearhead its entry into the new market of recreational utility vehicles, we knew we would have to get immersed with a totally new set of customers. For a category with a profoundly different culture and audience than all other existing client sectors, Deere needed a design that would preserve its heritage and premium values but translate them in a meaningful and exciting way. We relished this tightrope challenge.

We spent a substantial amount of time with various stakeholders - this included Deere's own internal Marketing and Research & Development teams, authorized dealers and end users. We also spent time studying and driving current recreational UTV’s, which may have been our favorite part!

The result is a design that neatly straddles the line between authentic heritage and Gen Y excitement. The overall robust look of the RSX reflects the dependability that customers have come to expect from the Deere brand. The advanced features, such as the closed-loop EFI system allowing hassle-free engine starts in extreme high altitude or cold weather conditions, help fortify Deere's reputation for reliability. The front hood intake is not only a muscular and market-appealing aesthetic, but is functional and improves performance.

Since RSX's launch, John Deere has garnered huge media interest with numerous positive reviews from trusted sources, such as ATV Illustrated (provide HyperLink), Truck Trend, and Live Outdoors.

Getting totally immersed in the ATV market meant we made the right connections, once again turning potential conflict – John Deere’s traditional heritage versus a youthful sporty customer – into clever solutions. At each step of the way, we ensured that Deere’s brand values were never lost, simply translated to create meaningful styling and fu


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