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Ultrathin Keyboard Cover

Client: Logitech

People desire fluid physical and digital interactions with content on their tablets. They want to focus on what is important in life and value productivity while engaged in professional and personal digital tasks.

To create the next generation of cover for the iPad Air, we set out to expand the practicality, tune up the magical interactions and refine the elegance. Authentic materials and smart mechanisms instil confidence at every interaction. A continuous adjustable hinge and contoured keycap surfaces create a work flow between the screen and the keys.

The Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad Air creates a confident, effortless iPad experience. Its practicality, elegance and quality reaches out to everybody, in particular people who desire to express their style yet demand an efficient typing experience.

Team Members

Mathew Bates, Florent Cuchet, Grayson Stopp


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