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Grand Dragon Industrial is the best choice for fast, accurate, and flexible service in the field of product design. We offer streamlined rapid prototyping, custom molding, production tooling and plastic molding services. Because we have been in the rapid prototype service since 2004, we can uniquely accommodate your specific products' needs.

Product design:
From a simple sketch or concept to the final product, GDi will work with you to get the job done to your satisfaction.

Rapid prototyping:
We make use of the different prototyping techniques including: SLA, SLS and FDM. This flexibility allows us to find a cost effective way to help our customers develop their products.

Custom molds, plastic molds:
Our engineers can design and custom-make all types of plastic molds based off detailed customer's sketches and concepts.

Production tooling - Plastic molding: With our backup factories overseas, we can mass-produce great quantities of final products.

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  • Industrial Design
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BaoAn Area
ShenZhen, GuangDong 518100


phone: 86-13603006901
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