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Scooter and Bike Helmet

Client: Quirky

Shoutout to all adventurers out there, this helmet is all you’ll ever need!

With this helmet, you can turn your favorite moments into short films whether for your personal memory bank or for sharing. It has a built-in camera that lets you record the track you’re riding with just a click of a button.

You can even play your favorite tunes while scooting (or biking) your favorite adventure areas. After you’ve recorded your adventure of the day, you can transfer all the videos via Bluetooth to your laptop or mobile device and start editing!

Because we know that your comfort is also a priority, this helmet has thorough ventilation throughout its design and comes with an alternative brake light at the back of the helmet, in case your ride doesn’t come with one. If you love safe, comfortable, and stylish – raise your helmets!


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