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PhoScope™ is a photocentric© think-tank that promotes ecophotal systems© for the 21st century nightscapes, and advances critical photostudies© as well as the conventions of lighting practice and education.

Pervasive lighting ecologies are integral to the cultural history of our constructed environments’ forms and functions. New science and design criteria and critical frameworks must be established for the emergence of 21st century sustainable lighting systems within varying and evolving urban typologies. We will explore speculative and applied photal© models to support social and environmental practices by integrating research, health and vision science, social sciences, sustainability, art, aesthetics and economy.

Funding to support the organization will come from commissioned activities as well as individual, corporate and institutional sponsorship and contributions.

PhoScope™ is incorporated with the Department of State of New York as a not-for-profit organization.



Staff Size

Francesca Bastianini


  • Research
  • Strategic Consulting

Main Office

111 east 14th street, PMBox # 187
New York, NY 10003
United States


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