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We explore ideas, iterate our designs and deliver to manufacture, fast. We use social media to enhance design collaboration, and to speed communication. Our iterign live project tool allows us to react fast to changing requirements, and keeps our customers fully informed. We have a high emphasis on quality engineering and function first before style.

Use our services as you require; we are happy to support your internal design team or your private ideas.

Our services

We use our iterign process as the framework for all our services. All key information is reported using iterign live projects for ease of communication with our clients.


New products can be researched and discovered rather than just created from an inspirational idea. We look to understand user requirements in detail.
- User Surveys and trend research
- Emerging technology
- Creative techniques
- TRIZ problem solving

Rapid design

We use our process to understand what you need, and rapidly work to achieve it. We can assist with design and engineering for component parts to complete assembled products, including electronic circuit design.
Concept design and development
Electronic circuit design
Design development and engineering
Design for manufacture
Manufacturing documentation
Structural packaging design

Prototyping & simulation

This is an integral part of our rapid design service. We use the most suitable prototyping methods depending on the project requirements.
- Virtual visual computer models, image rendering, 3D animations
- Virtual functional modelling, including FEA and CFD simulations
- Functional and photo realistic physical models

Manufacturing support

We carefully select the best UK and international supply partners to build your products.
Plastic and metal tooling and part supply
Assembled products and packaging

Product review service

We use our consumer product experience and engineering training to review products and parts in detail.


  • Institute of Mechanical Engineers
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