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Client: Ecovent

SPROUT teamed up with TechStars alum Ecovent to create a system of smart HVAC vents that are controlled from your smartphone. Ecovent’s sensors, which plug into a standard wall outlet in each room, detect the climate of that room and send the information to the smart hub. By building the groundwork for an Internet of Things [IoT] home control platform, Ecovent was able to create a system that will be able to connect with a wide variety of smart products. We worked hand-in-hand with the founders to design both their product and branding. The result was $2.2 million bump in funding and over a half-a-million dollars in pre-sales.
ECOVENT is a Boston-based start-up with an innovative solution to an age-old problem: sweating bullets in one room of your house while someone’s swaddled in blankets in another. A system of WiFi-connected HVAC vents and sensors – developed at MIT by a team of actual rocket scientists – precisely regulates and optimizes the climate of individual rooms in a home. Ecovent is the only intelligent home zoning system that delivers complete room-by-room climate control through easy to install, self-configuring sensors and vents.


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