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Plastic Extrusions

Client: Mainline

When Mainline first approached us they already had a brilliantly innovative product that worked. And it worked very well indeed.

Like all great designs it made the complex simple. Mainline had designed a track that allowed you to reposition plugs and data points anywhere in the room, without the need for additional sockets and expensive rewiring. Smart, eh?

Our brief was to design housings for Mainline to ensure UK standards and compliance could be met without compromising the product. In short, we were to bring this product to the UK market. From concept to design we worked closely with Mainline, presenting a number of ways that the power track solution could work, and be extended, for the UK market. The UK’s stringent electrical standards caused us headaches but we worked closely with Mainline and UK manufacturers, using plastic injection moulded components and plastic and aluminium extrusions, to bring our concepts to prototype and, finally, to production.


Red Dot Design Award 2010, Australia Int Design Award 2010, ACHI Design Club 2013, Elfack Design Award 2013


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