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Ondesco.com is a leading web design company focused on creating great websites for small business. We offer affordable websites. Now, it's widely known that cheap websites are often terrible in many ways, but not at Ondesco.com Our websites are not only beautiful, but designed with our clients' goals in mind. The design is meant to help solve problems. Simplicity is one of our values.

We cater to small businesses with low budgets. Our prices start at $299 (with hosting!), which we think is a fantastic price for the product we offer.

We add value by not only being very affordble (we don't love the word cheap, although Google seems to love it), but also by delivering projects very fast. Urgent websites are delivered in 3 days.

Our packages are all identical except for number of pages and delivery time. 5 initial proposals and 2 revisions are included in the package, but clients can add more if they choose to. Generally speaking, we try (and very often succed) to accomodate all the requests, feedback, etc into the 2 revisions, so the customer does not have to order more. We believe it is a matter of getting in the head of the customer from the very begining, and we have experience doing just that.

We mainly offer static websites that thanks to tight integration with leading 3rd party services, really have a lot of interactivity.

We believe we have the responsability to make our clients and their businesses look great and professional, so we create beautiful, stunning web sites. Our websites are also search engine friendly. We work on SEO with our customers, since search engine traffic is crucial to their success.

Finally, another way we add value is by having a stress-free, very simple and smooth process. We have have 3 stages (Brief, Proposals and Revisions), and we do all the heavy lifting and all the boring stuff, so our client can focus on the big picture.

hank you for reading, dont forget to check us out: www.ondesco.com (Online Design Company).

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  • Graphic Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Motion Graphics

Typical Project Budget

less than $10,000

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533 W Barry
Chicago , IL 60657
United States


Luis Perez
phone: 7737554216
Website: Ondesco web design luis@ondesco.com

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