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While most UX agencies are entrenched in digital, Cuetone is one of the few firms occupying the intersection between physical and digital design. This translates to a broad technical design expertise that allows us to design and consult for businesses aiming to enter or transition into an IoT or blockchain economy.

The difference is in our background – a substantial part of our team has extensive architecture experience, designing and managing complex architectural projects in the US$300 million+ range – giving us the broad skills and knowledge to excel at designing comprehensive user-centric IoT/omnichannel experiences.

Our location in Hong Kong gives us access to Shenzhen's rapid manufacturing capability, meaning we can help our clients design physical touchpoints, perform rapid prototyping, and start production faster than anywhere else in the world.

With design capabilities in both the physical and digital arenas, Cuetone is geared towards organizations that want to leverage connective technologies to create new, powerful, and complex cross-platform experiences.


  • Swire Properties
  • KKBox
  • Orient Speech Therapy
  • Stainberg
  • Chinese Estates



  • Design Management
  • Interaction Design
  • Research

Typical Project Budget

$100,000 - $500,000

Location 1

Suite 3A, Easy Pack Industrial
140 Wai Yip St.
Kwun Tong, Hong Kong
Hong Kong


Vincent M.
phone: +852-5346-5400

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