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LEMMO One E-bike

Client: Hypaths Gmbh

LEMMO One is an E-bike that separates the main electric parts from the bicycle, bringing great advantages to both user and planet. Through smart innovation, the bike can be both used as a comfortable commuter E-bike as well as a conventional leisure bike. Upgradable electronics dramatically increase the bike's lifespan.

A traditional mechanic pedal bike easily lasts for 15 years. In the electric drive system and IoT, developments are still ongoing. This typically results in a much shorter life span of E-bikes. The LEMMO separates 'the e-parts' from the bike itself, by integrating the controller and IOT in the detachable SmartPac and adding a mechanical clutch to the hub motor.

This concept leads to 3 unique advantages:

(1) Sustainability: the bike can be ridden longer while only the tech (smartpac) gets upgraded regularly or replaced when required. This dramatically increases the lifespan of the bike over regular E-bikes.

(2) Usability: the concept allows you to have a mechanical bicycle and an E-bike within the same product. This allows for very different use cases: a super comfortable electric commute and a smooth human-powered sporty bike ride on the weekend.

(3) Financial options: this setup offers more diversity in purchasing options where people can combine, buying bike only and rent a battery, buy together or buy bike only and battery later, at any time.

Main components:

(a) Dual Mode hub: The highlight of the LEMMO One is the 250W hub motor, which can be completely disconnected from the drivetrain. This turns the E-bike into a conventional bike of only 15kg - without the additional weight of the battery and without motor-related pedaling resistance.

(b) Smartpac: Besides supporting very different use cases, the LEMMO One also addresses another very important aspect of E-bikes. Where traditional bikes easily have a lifespan of 10-15 years, the electric drivetrain technology (mainly controller, battery pack and battery management)


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