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Ceribell EEG

Ceribell is a portable electroencephalogram used in hospitals to quickly diagnosis and treat brain seizures. Conventional EEG machines are large, expensive and stationary with many electrode wires that attach to a patient’s scalp, a timely and uncomfortable procedure. Conversely, the Ceribell EEG is small, portable and fast to set up (6 minutes), which makes it infinitely more useful in a hectic hospital setting. The system is comprised of a headband and a control unit. The control unit has an audio function known as a “brain stethoscope” that turns brainwave signals into sounds so nurses can immediately hear if a seizure is occurring, many of which are unconscious with no visible symptoms. The deep innovation of this Ceribell design offers genuine industry disruption. It improves the caregiver experience by providing immediate information and ease of use while also improving patient comfort, convenience and safety. FDA approved in 2017.


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